Staff infection

The Mrs. was getting the MNA out of bed Sunday morning and looked over at Jedi laying on the floor. He had some weird gunk on his belly. She went over to see what he had gotten into. She got a towel to wipe the gunk off his gut. She sniffed it to see if it was dry pee as if he had an UTI. Not so lucky.

It seems some how, some way, Jedi has a staph infection on his pecker. Now how the hell an 80+ pound male Boxer got his junk garbaged up is something I can't figure out. He's neutered and the few times he tries to dry hump his aim is so bad I think he would fall over in shock if he actually made contact.

The Vet took a sample to send off to the lab. Until they have something more specific they put him on a generic anti-biotic for this stuff.

It's a sad day when the animal who prides himself on licking his boy parts can't keep them clean.

Road 10 miles on the bike yesterday and today did over 7.5 while pulling the MNA in her trailer. With my gym recovering from the flooding I don't miss it. I much prefer riding for my cardio.

~The Dad

One hit wonder

Having trouble getting the motivation to get back into the exercise swing. Ever since I was sick I have tried and petered off. It's more of not eating properly. With the hotter weather coming and more time on the bike I'm hoping to re-light the fire under my ass.

Went for a bike ride today. The gym I attend was flooded, again. I rode down to check it out. Doors were all closed and no one was working on the damage. They did have a sign up saying both local YMCA's would honor our gym memberships at their locations during the down time.

On my bike ride I had to go around a lot of garbage on the sidewalks. People had to put their water damaged rugs/furniture/etc out on the curb. We are very lucky to have escaped without any damage. Last estimate I heard was up to 60% of local homes/business were flooded.

Put in 8.7 miles on my ride. This was my longest so far. Biking season is relatively new so I plan to build up to much longer jaunts.

On my ride while trying to maneuver around some furniture I misjudged the upcoming sidewalk that was broken and ended up smashing one nut on the bar between the handle bars and seat. I literally saw stars for a second. As it happened I called out,"MY NUT".

Meanwhile as the sweet faced grandmother was sweeping up some assorted bric-a-brac at the end of her driveway some loud, fat guy teetering precariously on his bike rode by and yelled about his testicle. I'm sure her day was made.

~The Dad

State of Emergency (but I have Chinese food)

City declares state of emergency, most roads impassible

It is wild out there. As it started coming down hard my dad-inlaw and I went out and got Chinese food. We got back and about 1-2 hours later my road was submerged. Other people go out and buy bread/milk/candles for storms. At least we have our priorities straight.

My basement for the first time since we have lived here has running water on the floor. About 1/3 of my backyard is underwater. Interstates and local roads are impassable. Lightning has hit local power lines across town.

Nothing ever exciting happens in my world. Going to go play City of Villains to escape from the monotony.

~The Dad

Traction lost

My man cave (computer/tv/tivo/PS3/printer-scanner/mini-fridge) are hooked back up. That is all on my computer desk and adjoining table. Of course I will have to move it all again when the wallpaper is removed and the walls are done. Oh the joys of owning a home at times.

There is one slight problem with the hardwood floors we didn't foresee. My computer chair no longer has traction. I used to have to push out from the table for the rollers to work on the carpeting. Now I end up floating away when I least expected.

Been playing CoH/CoV alot in the evenings. I can't seem to find a red side (villain) toon I want to stick with. My main blue(hero) dinged 50 opening up the two new archetypes. I started a Nictus I can see why they are a challenge. Yes the are simple at the lower levels but in the uper levels you have four ways to buid work it. Blaster (squid), Tank (dwarf), Human or a Tri build working towards a balance of the three.

Just got back from riding the MNA over to the hair salon with the Mrs on her bike. The MNA has one of those pull bike carts attached to my bike. Once they are done getting their haircuts I'll go pick them up. Bit overcast but not to cold for riding.

~The Dad

Reclaiming the living room

The hardwood floors in the living room and my man cave have finally cured. Started putting felt on the bottoms of furniture and put some back in the rooms this evening. This should get back on course in the next few days. Well until Saturday. Then my inlaws will be here. The MNA is going to have a blast.

We sat down and had a heart to heart this weekend. The conclusion is that we have decided it is not for us to have another child. The adoption is to be called off (need to make that phone call). Once the MNA goes to school we are still looking into doing foster or respite for foster families.

~The Dad