Staff infection

The Mrs. was getting the MNA out of bed Sunday morning and looked over at Jedi laying on the floor. He had some weird gunk on his belly. She went over to see what he had gotten into. She got a towel to wipe the gunk off his gut. She sniffed it to see if it was dry pee as if he had an UTI. Not so lucky.

It seems some how, some way, Jedi has a staph infection on his pecker. Now how the hell an 80+ pound male Boxer got his junk garbaged up is something I can't figure out. He's neutered and the few times he tries to dry hump his aim is so bad I think he would fall over in shock if he actually made contact.

The Vet took a sample to send off to the lab. Until they have something more specific they put him on a generic anti-biotic for this stuff.

It's a sad day when the animal who prides himself on licking his boy parts can't keep them clean.

Road 10 miles on the bike yesterday and today did over 7.5 while pulling the MNA in her trailer. With my gym recovering from the flooding I don't miss it. I much prefer riding for my cardio.

~The Dad