Such a tool

I blew out a pair of my old Craftsman linesmen pliers a month or so ago. I walked into the local Sears store a couple of weeks ago and handed them over. They took my mailing info and I was out in about 5 mins. My free replacement set arrived today. I

Craftsman as always lives up to their 100% lifetime guarantee. This set seems much bigger. It is the 8" set, thinking my old set was 7". I'm betting the local outlet put the info in wrong. Considering how inept that one location is I'm not surprised. Not upset either, more leverage for me.

~The Dad

Incoming results

It's been a wild ride but the week is over and here is the recap. I will update this post as the other totals come in.

Panda 64,534

Sidnaceous 50,203

ImBoden 35,644

~The Dad

All hands on deck

This evening I grilled burgers and corn on the cob while the Mrs was picking wild blackberries and the MNA was swimming in the kiddie pool. The grill was hot, the beer was cold, the dogs were hanging out with me on the deck and the music was playing.

The music being the best part. Back at our old house it was in suburbia and being consciences neighbors we didn't do much music outside. Move out to a couple acres surrounded by woods and you can let the music flow.

Soaked the corn for a few hours in water. Then I shucked them and cooked the ears straight on the grill. Mixed in some ranch dressing powder (wife's mix) in with the ground beef then formed the burgers. Now that was a tasty burger.

Towards the end of cooking the kiddo came out with me on the deck. There was a brief, light rain that we had fun with. Then the three of us ate our supper out on the deck.

Sometimes things just work right. This was one of them.

~The Dad

Poker update

Time to check in with our week long poker tourney to see how our competitors are doing.

I'll check in with ImBoden later, for now here are the updates on the rest of the field. All of them are up so far this week with the following totals earned:

Nny wimped out and didn't join us the big wussy

~The Dad

We were supposed to be the good guys

I am numb. I just don't, why, blargh

Apparently we learned nothing from the TO bullshit.

I had taken great pride in my team not being a place for character issue

MNA wears her jersey to bed as pj's every night, her decision. I went in and swapped it for a t-shirt.

Put the Honda tire cover back on the car

I don't know what I am feeling.

Poker in the front

A few of my fellow IRC denizens have gotten into playing poker on FB. It's all monopoly money, just a fun Flash time waster while goofing around.

Sometimes we play serious and other times it's fun to go all kamikaze with your chip stack. For fun I've decided to throw down the gauntlet with a friendly competition. This will gives us direction and a fun way to whip out the rulers and see how the other guys measure up.

Currently $1,000 in chips is the amount everyone starts with. Subject to change before event begins.

Competition starts Monday the 17th and ends at midnight Sunday the 23rd. All times are EST.

All participants need to send me their total chip count. That number minus the amount for starter chips is your bottom line. You may not go under the line at anytime during the week. Cross the line and you're out.

No hand outs are allowed. Daily Chip gifts you accept through your FB requests or are given out when someone gives their friends list the daily $100 are legit. For the element of luck daily login bonus chips are also allowed.

Any other income needs to be reported in to adjust the bottom line or the participant is disqualified.

At the end of the week the player with the most chips wins. The losing participants then pay the winner 10% of the winnings earned from the competition.

Each players standings will be updated periodically here on the blog.

Good luck all!

Eve before televised preseason football begins

Loss of Dawkins was good business move IMO. Dawk tried to overplay his hand and held off too long. Blow to the D but it was prepped for. This was business as usual for the front office who have been there and done that.

Johnson died and that is not something any team gets over. Can be fuel to the fire or water to drown it.

Bradley down for season, OUCH. D Capt is traded, D Coord dies and now the new D Capt is out for a year.

Snake bit

Not getting any easier now it is?