One hit wonder

Having trouble getting the motivation to get back into the exercise swing. Ever since I was sick I have tried and petered off. It's more of not eating properly. With the hotter weather coming and more time on the bike I'm hoping to re-light the fire under my ass.

Went for a bike ride today. The gym I attend was flooded, again. I rode down to check it out. Doors were all closed and no one was working on the damage. They did have a sign up saying both local YMCA's would honor our gym memberships at their locations during the down time.

On my bike ride I had to go around a lot of garbage on the sidewalks. People had to put their water damaged rugs/furniture/etc out on the curb. We are very lucky to have escaped without any damage. Last estimate I heard was up to 60% of local homes/business were flooded.

Put in 8.7 miles on my ride. This was my longest so far. Biking season is relatively new so I plan to build up to much longer jaunts.

On my ride while trying to maneuver around some furniture I misjudged the upcoming sidewalk that was broken and ended up smashing one nut on the bar between the handle bars and seat. I literally saw stars for a second. As it happened I called out,"MY NUT".

Meanwhile as the sweet faced grandmother was sweeping up some assorted bric-a-brac at the end of her driveway some loud, fat guy teetering precariously on his bike rode by and yelled about his testicle. I'm sure her day was made.

~The Dad