Rescinding my kneejerk response about McNabb last 12/21.

Regardless if he wins or loses tomorrow or the following week if things go right for the Eagles. That post was out of line and is what happens when I operate a blog before cooling down and operating my brain.

I'll reserve judgement for at 2-4 weeks after the Eagles season.

After realizing this is his first post season play since the Super Bowl loss in '05. I'm not happy the reasons were injury or not making the playoffs but this is his 5th NFC Championship Game in his 10 year career.

That alone deserves the respect to not judge his career from frustration and not giving him the credit for his good works.

I'll check back on this later. For now he deserves the respect his career stats show.

Well I'll be dipped

As luck would have it we now have yet another pet with health issues. Our streak has kicked in full time from Jedi almost dying a two weekends ago from his pancreatitis going nuts to Emma having surgery for to remove some tumors considered to be a lock for cancer.

They are both fine now and recovering. Cancer was avoided and Jedi is on meds. His biggest issue right now is just the arthritis in his left knee.

Then there is Sith. Sith is our sole surviving feline. He and his sister came to us from the shelter. They barely survived on the streets after being left by their mom. We adopted these siblings from the shelter. Shmi (the female) had an exceedingly rare congenital heart condition that required us to put her down at the age of 3.

We went right out and adopted Pi. That crazy kitten had to be put down under the age of 2. He was high strung and always into everything. We were going away back in April to the trip out east blogged about previously and knew he would not do well in a house without his people.

The vet agreed knowing his history and we put him on kitty prozac. His liver shut down so swiftly he was euthanized within three days. The vet had never heard of this response and even researched online and called other vets. Basically he died of something more rare then the other.

Needless to say we are constantly on edge about our pets since they have had such a bad run.

Sith has spent the last two months wearing an e-collar. He has one spot on his back he keeps licking. To the point he created an open sore. They saw it, gave an anti-biotic for a staph infection and prednisone for the itching. The meds finished, the sore was healed and we took off his e-collar.

Immediately he did it again. We did some testing, etc. They think it is most likely mites. They didn't show up but it made sense and they can be a bear to detect.

So he is getting a sulfur dip once a week for 8 weeks. The dip needs at least 10 minutes of direct contact with the skin to be effective. So they dip him, put him in a crate housed in special warmed room since they can't dry him and he has to hang out and drip dry.

Oh, I forgot one small point. They shaved him down. Everything from the neck down.


Yes, you read that right.

Half of me is heartbroken and feeling horrible for him. The other half is pointing and laughing at the shaved cat.

They tried to shave him and he was more then unhappy with it. They ended up having to sedate him. When they called to ask permission they it would be for his best interest and the safety of all those involved.

I'm thinking he didn't go down without a fight and he can be a ornery cuss.

Pics time





~The Dad

Getting closer to game time

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