Documentation 1

Under the Documentation title I will be keeping track of some events in my neighborhood. Documented events can be admissible in court at best and at least will help me keep a solid timeline without having to rack my brain months from now for what happened when.

Placing these on my blog make it easy access in case they are needed legally and I wont lose them on my desk or if my hard drive goes sideways. Please don't leave any comments. I will delete them out of hand to avoid muddling up the issues.

On February 9th 2009 at residence 1208 (the right half of the duplex that is rented out) the father of the children who lived there allegedly committed felony assault on their mother who lives there punching her in the face more then 30 times breaking multiple bones in her ace. I do not know if he was residing there at the time but I believe he had not been.

This is my documentation of my participation in events after the assault.

On February 9th I was watching TV with my wife as my daughter was running around playing. We had just finished watching a previously taped show on our DVR. I went to check my e-mails and noticed out the window a police car. I went to the front door and saw multiple officers and their vehicles.

I called out for my wife to look herself and I went out on my porch to watch. I saw the emergency medical services pull up and go inside. It was cold on the porch and everything was well under control so I went back inside.

I had expected to see the police dealing with the other side of the rental duplex since the adult male occupant who lives there has been removed from the house recently by multiple police officers.

This is a nice, quiet neighborhood from my experience here in the past 8 years or so. You notice these things and of course discuss them with your neighbors.

I had missed the article in the morning paper and was linked to it by on of my neighbors in an e-mail the following day. There is where I learned the details.

Knowing he had been incarcerated and not knowing if he had been released yet I had been watching the house. After talking it over with my wife a few days later to avoid any knee jerk response I walked over there on the 15th.

I had just seen the mom outside brining the two children inside through the open garage door. There was an inebriated male there standing outside. I approached the domicile.

I walked up to him and asked if he would get the lady of the house. He asked why I wanted to talk to her. Not knowing his role in events I informed him I was there to talk to the lady of the house and I was a neighbor across the street and pointed out my house.

He then began to ramble on so I informed him I was going to talk to the lady. I told I was there to talk to the lady and walked to the front door and knocked. Being unsure of his intentions I kept him in view at all times. A young girl answered the door.

I asked if I could talk to her mother and she told me she would go get her and closed the door. She came back and told me her mother was too embarrassed to be seen because of the injuries to her face. I squatted to the girls height, smiled and warmly made eye contact hoping to gain some of her confidence.

I told her I was the neighbor who lived across the street and pointed out my house. I asked her to tell her mom that if at any time the mom or the girl herself were worried about their safety to come knock on my door. I would protect them until the cops arrived. She went off to tell her mom with a quick word of thanks.

The drunk male asked me if I was going to protect the kids because he would appreciate it. I replied that is why I was there. Apparently he had traveled 100 miles to do just that. I said that was good but come Monday morning he would be gone at his job and I would be here. That is why I was there.

I left him there rambling on and went home.

On the 16th my wife came home from work and handed me a note that had been left for us. The neighbor lady it seemed still wasn't ready to talk.


Transcription without editing:

Dear Neighbor,

I didn't want to answer my door, because something very bad happened to me and I am scared of a lot of people. I was beaten, and (abbreviated symbol was used) than found out from my son that his Dad mean't to murder me Monday.

I thank you for your concern. there should be more people like you in the world.

Thank you
Name (I am not posting her name)

P:S: Im sorry that you had to talk to that Steve guy at the door - he is innebreated.


After discussing it with my wife we decided on a course of action. My wife enjoys baking so she baked a Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. I wrote a note in response to the one above and brought them both over while the bread was still hot. Hopefully this would provide some comfort and build up their feelings of trust with us.

In the note to help the lady understand my reasoning and experience I told her how I grew up with my parents opening our home to Foster kids, how I had volunteered for a few month at the local domestic abuse shelter. This was to show her my background for helping. Then I told her about my Army experience so she could feel safer coming her to be protected.

I walked over and knocked on the door. The boy answered the door. I asked him to bring the bread and note to his mom. I didn't want to ask for his mom to come to the door to avoid embarrassing her. He thanked me with a big smile and went brought them bread and note inside.

The mom turned the corner at that point and made eye contact with me. She seemed timid, scared and unsure. I popped my head in to say they are safe at my house and went to leave. She asked if I was the neighbor. I said yes. She thanked me and during our brief conversation I reiterated not to hesitate coming to us for help.

I asked her to call me to let me know when the authorities inform her he has been released and went home trying not to overstay my welcome out of respect for her feelings.

It is late and this is a rough copy. I'll edit for grammar and to double check the order of events later.

McNabb deserves the long term contract he wants

Yes I get frustrated/angry/pissy/annoyed/mad/raging against the night sky when it comes to Donovan McNabb. The facts are simple, he has had a great career and has given much to the team and us fans.

I will continue to have knee jerk reactions and scream he is drawn and quartered but the facts are he has been and is our best chance of winning the big prize.

He deserves a supporting cast to do it with. With all the pieces in place I do believe he can deliver. What pieces you ask?

1) A POWER BACK: For longer then any of my friends wish to remember I have been screaming for a Jerome Bettis build power back. Someone who doesn't care to turn the corner as long as he can run right at and over you. This would fix the majority of our red zone and 3rd down conversion issues and spell Westbrook before his career is spent.

2) A TIGHT END: McNabb needs the safety valve all successful West Coast variant system successful quarterbacks have had at their disposal. A good tight end can be the little push that gets you to the next level. A power back or tight end alone worth a damn would keep opposing defenses honest making life a bit easier for the O line.

3) WIDE RECEIVER: The wide receiving corp is compromised of one kid recently off great rookie season with nothing but upside in his future if he sticks with it as he matures and a bunch of second fiddles.

There is no prime time guy. They are all wannabe #1s who are #2s at best. We have a pure speed in Jackson, now we need a tall strong guy who will fight you for it as the #1. Those two guys with the cast of #2 left over could be amazing..

I can see using up our draft picks on a power back, tight end, o line depth or trading out of round. If that happens pick up a LEGIT #1 wide receiver through free agency and for god's sake don't take a prima donna.

~The Dad

On the mend

Seems I am mostly back on my feet after the past few weeks off them.

Still working with Doc to get my asthma under control. It was getting a bit rough so I went to the Doc about a pain in my side. Seems I sprained a rib coughing.

Went back a few days later when the wife brought up she was worried. Found out I had Pneumonia too.

Chasing the hydrocodone pain pills down with hydrocodone cough meds was a fun way to pass the time. Health insurance companies need to throw in a Floyd disc with each refill.

Looking forward to the big March trip. Driving out to my in-laws to hang for a couple of days. Then I will leave The Mrs and the MNA there and move along for the weekend in Rhode Island to a LAN convention to hook up with friends I've known for years. Many of them hanging out in IRC nightly for a few years.

Good times will be had by all.

Then back to the in-laws to hang out and have fun. Board and card games are the fun hang there. Two things I always enjoy.

Hoping to be able to drop the MNA off with the grandparents one evening and sneak off to be all growed up with my bro and sis inlaw.

Overall we are doing well.

I'll be posting my end of season McNabb comments shortly. Pretty sure it's rational and not jumping the gun with emotions this time.

~The Dad