Traction lost

My man cave (computer/tv/tivo/PS3/printer-scanner/mini-fridge) are hooked back up. That is all on my computer desk and adjoining table. Of course I will have to move it all again when the wallpaper is removed and the walls are done. Oh the joys of owning a home at times.

There is one slight problem with the hardwood floors we didn't foresee. My computer chair no longer has traction. I used to have to push out from the table for the rollers to work on the carpeting. Now I end up floating away when I least expected.

Been playing CoH/CoV alot in the evenings. I can't seem to find a red side (villain) toon I want to stick with. My main blue(hero) dinged 50 opening up the two new archetypes. I started a Nictus I can see why they are a challenge. Yes the are simple at the lower levels but in the uper levels you have four ways to buid work it. Blaster (squid), Tank (dwarf), Human or a Tri build working towards a balance of the three.

Just got back from riding the MNA over to the hair salon with the Mrs on her bike. The MNA has one of those pull bike carts attached to my bike. Once they are done getting their haircuts I'll go pick them up. Bit overcast but not to cold for riding.

~The Dad