Have a nice trip, see you next fall

A break in the weather was hit today with low to mid 40s with little wind. I was planning on redoing my 7+ mile route from last week and enjoying getting out of the gym and away from that damn treadmill. I did it with a 6MPH pace then and was not pushing. Looking just to duplicate.

I've had a tight hamstring but usually works itself out. The night of the first 7 miler it was tight but I walked Jedi our about 2 mile loop and it was fine. So I wasn't too worried.

As I was running downtown I couldn't believe the amount of foot traffic on the sidewalks. I ended up running off sidewalk for a while because the crowds were increasing. Seems it was the monthly Art Walk downtown. Hadn't participated in it myself so this was unexpected.

I ran past downtown and over the bridge heading south. I was running past a restaurant and fell victim to my own concentration. I was zoned out enjoying my new running headphones (the right tool for the job makes a HUGE difference) just feeling the pace, the buzz, the burn and pushing myself to keep on going when THUD.

Those sitting in by the front windows were received the floor show of watching my grace and fluidity hit a rough patch. Of uneven concrete sidewalk that is. So as my ankles waved at the those dining from the height my shoulders had been but before I paid tribute to Mr. Newton's moment of clarity the thought ran through my mind,"Oh this is going to hurt".

Luckily I was able to mostly roll with it smoothly. I bashed my elbow some and my hamstring took on a new tone of unfriendliness but I was able to keep on running without stopping. One of those moments where one diner at the window would have seen the show but the other one would miss it looking down at their plate.

Kept running and couldn't get back into my groove. The hammy was annoying and my rhythm was crap. Around the 4.25 mark it was getting closer to being an injury instead of tightness. I started walking for a bit to see if I could stretch it out some.

I saw a Boxer being walked across the street and talked to the owner lady about her dog for a bit. Her boy was Emma's size, faun and pure awesome. She had a girl back home Jedi's size. That's a hell of a big female.

Tried to run some more and it was even less of a good idea then before. Ended up having to walk the last 3 miles. By the time I got home the sun had dropped and the temperature followed it by 10 degrees.

About a half mile from home I'm limping over a bridge crossing the river. There is no wind cover and am still on the damp side under the sweats.

I look over at some of the guys fishing off the bridge wearing their heavy jackets and lined overalls over their jeans. They are looking at me thinking I'm nuts not being dressed for a night time cold weather jaunt when I shiver a bit more and come to a realization.

Feels good to be off my ass again.