Me and my big mouth

My brother in law called this evening a bit bummed. As most kids are want to do as soon as you get on the phone they get louder and Maggie was doing her juvenile duty.

What I heard my brother in law say was,"My landlord stopped by today." Knowing he and his wife are in tight with their landlord I jokingly responded,"I have a pond, we can always hide the body".

His response was a bit strained and befuddled. After a few more seconds of conversation I had realized what he had said was,"My landlord passed this morning."

~The Dad

Catching up

It has been too long since I have done a blog update so I will be posting this on my blog at and sending it out to family/friends on e-mail. This is to let them know or remind them the url and to bring them up to date if they do not follow the blog.

The move has come and gone. We still are trying to figure out where we want what but overall we are unpacked. Mostly organizational tasks to finish off.

My brother and sister outlaw visited last weekend briefly. Uncle Monkey had picked up various micro-brews and dropped off my half. He has the same ones at home so we will drink them and talk them over afterwards. i look forward to the exchange.

As always MNA (MIdget Ninja Assassin, i.e. MaggieMaggie) looked forward to seeing her favorite Uncle. As a favorite Uncle myself I know what to look for and Monkey rocks. Maggie couldn't have a better Uncle. His wife is not too shabby either.

When the time comes for them to be parents as they desire I look forward to watching as they grow into the job. They have all the right tools to excel as parents and will be great fun to enjoy.

My girl dog Emma obtained an injury to her left cornea that is not healing. Currently her meds are an eye ointment and another unguent created by taking some of her blood, spinning out the red blood cells with a centrifuge and using that.

4-6 times a day you apply the white blood cell concentrate and followed immediately by the eye. We toss on the e-collar right off so se won't scratch or worry the eye making it worse. It can not be comfortable.

She usually has a negative reaction that causes the enlargement of the red tissue around the eye to the point she can't see out of that eye. Trying to get in with an Ophthalmologist Vet. My fear is she will lose the vision in one eye along with her being deaf.

She's a trooper about it and has such a sweet disposition it breaks the heart if you dwell on it too long. On the bright side she has taken to sleeping with the MNA at night. The two girls sprawl all over the bed and are inseparable. It's great to watch a girl and her dog grow together.

Jedi does nap-time with MNA to balance out the sleepy goodness but it is obvious Emma is MNA's dog and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Besides, Jedi is my boy and when not sleeping is by my side all the time. They are both already 7 years old making them senior citizens for Boxers. Average life span is about 10 years.

Jedi has had 2 vr fuse together with a mixture of old age and genetics. He has another one that will finish fusing in 3 months or so. This second one is a good thing. It is next tot he first and will spread the stress applied to the first fusion over a greater surface area causing him less pain.

A third is in the process and should finish in a year. Dogs can have a healthy, happy lifestyle with fused spines. Just require some TLC (like when I pick him up to get in the back of the CRV) and more room to turn around. His turning radius is not as sharp as it used to be.

The MNA is growing in leap and bounds developmentally. Her vocabulary has skyrocketed in such a short time. I love asking her why she wants/does things. Her logic is many times not as obvious as you would assume. I love learning what makes her tick and seeing the world through her eyes.

AnnMarie has been adapting to the new lifestyle of her job out here in Portland. For a woman who has not had to commute nor work late in her old job it has been a bit of an ordeal. She has been adapting well and is doing better then expected with the larger demands on her time. I thought it would take her a longer period of adjustment then it has been. 9 years of marriage and she still amazes anew every day.

It seems the MNA will be relocating to New Jersey for a few months sometime in the next few weeks to do our part with an emerging family problem. I'll cover more on that soon. Trying to get as much as I can done before we head south and on most days it feels like 1 step forward becomes 2 steps back. The usual way we all feel when wanting to get ahead and more pops up daily that needs to be done.

WIth forethought and hard work things always work out. Until then we will just keep plugging away.

Keep an eye on the blog for further updates.

~The Dad