McNabb deserves the long term contract he wants

Yes I get frustrated/angry/pissy/annoyed/mad/raging against the night sky when it comes to Donovan McNabb. The facts are simple, he has had a great career and has given much to the team and us fans.

I will continue to have knee jerk reactions and scream he is drawn and quartered but the facts are he has been and is our best chance of winning the big prize.

He deserves a supporting cast to do it with. With all the pieces in place I do believe he can deliver. What pieces you ask?

1) A POWER BACK: For longer then any of my friends wish to remember I have been screaming for a Jerome Bettis build power back. Someone who doesn't care to turn the corner as long as he can run right at and over you. This would fix the majority of our red zone and 3rd down conversion issues and spell Westbrook before his career is spent.

2) A TIGHT END: McNabb needs the safety valve all successful West Coast variant system successful quarterbacks have had at their disposal. A good tight end can be the little push that gets you to the next level. A power back or tight end alone worth a damn would keep opposing defenses honest making life a bit easier for the O line.

3) WIDE RECEIVER: The wide receiving corp is compromised of one kid recently off great rookie season with nothing but upside in his future if he sticks with it as he matures and a bunch of second fiddles.

There is no prime time guy. They are all wannabe #1s who are #2s at best. We have a pure speed in Jackson, now we need a tall strong guy who will fight you for it as the #1. Those two guys with the cast of #2 left over could be amazing..

I can see using up our draft picks on a power back, tight end, o line depth or trading out of round. If that happens pick up a LEGIT #1 wide receiver through free agency and for god's sake don't take a prima donna.

~The Dad