On the mend

Seems I am mostly back on my feet after the past few weeks off them.

Still working with Doc to get my asthma under control. It was getting a bit rough so I went to the Doc about a pain in my side. Seems I sprained a rib coughing.

Went back a few days later when the wife brought up she was worried. Found out I had Pneumonia too.

Chasing the hydrocodone pain pills down with hydrocodone cough meds was a fun way to pass the time. Health insurance companies need to throw in a Floyd disc with each refill.

Looking forward to the big March trip. Driving out to my in-laws to hang for a couple of days. Then I will leave The Mrs and the MNA there and move along for the weekend in Rhode Island to a LAN convention to hook up with friends I've known for years. Many of them hanging out in IRC nightly for a few years.

Good times will be had by all.

Then back to the in-laws to hang out and have fun. Board and card games are the fun hang there. Two things I always enjoy.

Hoping to be able to drop the MNA off with the grandparents one evening and sneak off to be all growed up with my bro and sis inlaw.

Overall we are doing well.

I'll be posting my end of season McNabb comments shortly. Pretty sure it's rational and not jumping the gun with emotions this time.

~The Dad