All hands on deck

This evening I grilled burgers and corn on the cob while the Mrs was picking wild blackberries and the MNA was swimming in the kiddie pool. The grill was hot, the beer was cold, the dogs were hanging out with me on the deck and the music was playing.

The music being the best part. Back at our old house it was in suburbia and being consciences neighbors we didn't do much music outside. Move out to a couple acres surrounded by woods and you can let the music flow.

Soaked the corn for a few hours in water. Then I shucked them and cooked the ears straight on the grill. Mixed in some ranch dressing powder (wife's mix) in with the ground beef then formed the burgers. Now that was a tasty burger.

Towards the end of cooking the kiddo came out with me on the deck. There was a brief, light rain that we had fun with. Then the three of us ate our supper out on the deck.

Sometimes things just work right. This was one of them.

~The Dad