Who does Jesus pray to right before you pull the trigger?

Dropped the MNA off at pre-school for one of her twice a week half days. Headed on over to the Honda dealership. Had a tune-up/oil change scheduled. Meds are kicking my ass. I got there and pretty much zonked out in the chair listening to a podcast. I dont take the happy juice when driving. This was just the tiredness I get afterwards. At least I didn't drool on anyone.

You always hear people bitching about how kids today are spoiled or lazy. Well I must say. This fellow is the exception to the rule. Killing others to carry out his plan is despicable. Killing himself to take out the son of god, now that is motivation.

Found out today NCSoft has an MMO planned for release on the PS3 in 2009. I'm sure every other gamer knew this already. I'm a sucker for MMOs and thought I had escaped when I went pure console gamer when I switched to Mac. Sneaky bastards found a way to slip one in there. I'm doooooomed.

Was reading an article yesterday about deep fried coke.


As a fat ass, SUV driving US citizen even I sit there and think this is so far over the deep end Richard Simmons doesn't have enough energy to chase it down.

It is that time of year again that manly men start thinking of grilling outdoors. My one neighbor already has his out and in position. Not sure if he has fired it up yet. I mentioned to my wife last week while at my in-law's we should break out the veggie rack. I like to do either brats or burgers with charcoal grilled veggies. Damn fine meal there.

My grill is about 5 years old now. Wonder when I can start looking for a new one. I wonder how tough it would be to sneak one of these past her.

~The Dad