Thaaaat's my girl

Just came back from the grocery store. The Mrs. is a bit under the weather so I had to pick up some over the counter meds along with the usual suspects (forgot my damn milk though, /sigh).

We are walking through the produce department to pick up bananas for the MNA. They help keep her regular, are healthy and she loves them. I jokingly turn to her and say,"You are a banana nose!"

She monkeys back at me,"YOU are a banana nose!"

In mock shock I reply,"How can you call me a banana nose like that?"

Without skipping a beat she states,"Because it's easy."

Now I know how Rodney Dangerfield felt.


Further along in the trip we are walking through the cereal/candy aisle. Between chocolate coated sugar bombs and gummy bears I wasn't sure which was which.

The MNA has been raised to eat healthy. She doesn't do the pre-packaged, sugar inundated food/drink marketed at young children. Moms (The Mrs.) makes homemade bread of different varieties (zucchini bread is MNA's favorite), drinks skim milk, our own grown veggies, meat from a local organic (no pest/hormones/anti-biotics) farmer, etc.

We are not raising one of the growing trend of fatties that exude sugar from their ears.

The MNA did my wife's heart proud. She looked around the aisle quizzically and asked,"Where are we?" Even my fat ass (who resembles the type of child described earlier) thought that was cool.

Raising your kid to have a better life then you doesn't mean spoiling them. It means teaching them what is right. Eating healthier and eating until sated, not full are things my wife and I are big on. I do not wish my kid to be a fat ass like dear old dad.

Don't get me wrong. She has treats. Yes many of them are healthier but we also make home made ice cream and pick up candy now and then. They are just treats, not a way of life.

My ulterior motive is simple. I need someone to push my ample buttocks around in a wheelchair when I'm old and drooling on myself.


The MNA is potty trained when awake. We are now working on the when sleeping part. We started 2-3 nights ago. She has gotten out of bed to crap once and that was killer.

The trick it seems was to move her from diaper to pull-ups. They make it easier for her to do on her own and then call for mom and dad for either butt cleanup or to get her TP.

She also knows they are special to sleep in since big girls don't wear diapers to bed. Even bigger girls wear panties but that is down the road. One mess at a time.

I'm getting sooo close I can smell it. One day I will never have to clean her crappy butt again.

Oh to dream.

~The Dad