Leaderless dealing with the Pac

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday the suspended cornerback has been reinstated by league commissioner Roger Goodell, but he must miss two more games -- this Sunday and the following game on Thanksgiving. He'll be back Dec. 7 at Pittsburgh.

Goodell has just shown himself to be a panty waist on discipline. The one thing he said he would be tough on from day one. Pacman Jones had his second chance. Goodell gave Pacman Jones what was to be his last shot when he reinstated him this season. Not taking a stand on zero tolerance just cost Goodell a big credibility hit.

After years of problem children in sports like Ray Lewis, John Rocker and Latrell Sprewell the comish has the chance to set the Mendoza Line for bad behavior to a higher standard.

He said he would and then looked good out of the gate but now it's time to prove it. He had been tough but fair. If he was pure blood and guts without fairness Pacman wouldn't have had his chance to play in Dallas.

Allowing Jones back in when the season started was a second chance many people in life would never know. Goodell acted with compassion and still kept his eye on the ball for the good of the NFL by making this known it was the last chance.

Now he is throwing his prior actions out the window bending over backwards keeping a player who can't stay legit.

Yes Jones completed a rehab program. I hope it was enough to help him through his life. Hopefully he can make the changes to keep strong and maintain a healthy life for himself.

Attending rehab should not be a factor in his return. That ship had already sailed when given his last, "last chance". If anything his drinking exasperates the situation. He has a history of finding trouble after finding the bottom of a bottle. At some point you have to make him face up to his problems and stop enabling him with the privilege playing in the NFL.

He needs help to learn how to maintain a healthy, safe lifestyle. The NFL sure is not the place anyone learns those lessons.

The NFL needs to get back to taking care of it's product and stop coddling troublemakers.

~The Dad