My poor wife

Today I was driving down the road with the MNA. We had just dropped the Mrs off at work from visiting the local museum. I sneezed a few times. The MNA lets loose one single almost legit sounding sneeze and proudly proclamins,"I sneezed like you!"

I had butt burped getting her ready for her nap and excused myself. I was copied. I saw a pattern forming.

We had finished eating dinner. I had a mouth burp from the Pepsi Max I was drinking. The MNA did it too and said she was just like daddy.

It seems I have a mini-me. My wife is less then impressed.


She just took her clothes off so I could put on her PJ's. She is running around naked. She just bent over saying,"I'm trying to look at my butt". She almost pitched over head first.

I wonder if I could blame that one on my wife...

Nah, no one would believe me.

~The Dad