Eye of the beholder

Whenever I get the urge I'll blog away. I'm not a big fan of the type of blog that goes into minutia on a persons daily life. Sitting here drinking morning coffee reading how someone is sitting there blogging while drinking coffee sounds as stimulating as watching a car rust. This is my reason for not posting regular updates.

With that said let's go to the news. I am an online news junkie. Politics are one of my favorite stories. Sometiems they bring hope, other times they make you want to grab the garden shovel and dig a hole for hiding the body.

Todays rather worrying news story (that I'm sure most people will not notice or take for granted) is good old President Bush. One of the most important ingredients in Bush winning the election was playing the fear card. He whipped the country into a frenzy of fear linking terrorism to everything from carrying toothpaste onto an airplane to weapons of mass destruction...that were never found.

I personally doubt their existence. I served in the First Gulf War and I have a better chance of believing Obama can walk on water (if you doubt this turn on cable news) then iraq having WMDs.

Do I believe they have had and have used chemical warfare in the past? Without a doubt. The US Government was kind enough to inform many of us after the fact.

Do I believe they have nuclear weapons. Not unless Valerie Plame built them with an erector set after baking a yellow poundcake. As more facts are coming out the more it is being shown what kind of fearmonger Bush has been.

While ramping the Fear-O-Meter and bashing Democrats for being wimpy on defense (not hard to bash what was true) he squeaked by with a victory to continue in office handed to him by Diebold, his Governer brother and the US Supreme Court. Nothing like the ignoring the popular vote.

Then again we are not a democracy. We are a republic. The dumbed down difference is in a democracy the people directly elect those in power. In a republic the people elect representatives who use their powers decide who is in power.

We in the US elect representatives to the Electoral College. Amazingly enough these representatives are not legally bound in most states to vote for the desires of their constituency. Think about that for a moment.

Independence limited
Freedom of choice
Choice is made for you my friend
Freedom of speech
Speech is words that they will bend
Freedom with their exception

...And Justice For All

Put down the flashlight, it wont stop you from being scared when the lights go out when this thought haunts you late at night.

This upcoming November we have the privilege (ranting about the pathetic who do not vote will have to be covered another time) bought and paid for by our forefathers blood and preserved by their future generations of voting for the next President of the United States (POTUS).

So what does good old Bush do to prepare his depature from the biggest job he will hold in his life? IMO he is ramping up to help his parties attempt to stay in power. The fearmongering has begun again.

U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage

In a nutshell this means they are announcing as the election grows nearer the threat level will grow higher. The same kind of garbage Bush used to help his cause in the past.

On the bright side due to Franky Roosevelt, Bush can only serve two terms in office. Unless of course he finds away to suspend habeas corpus (again) so we can't find what torture cell he has hidden the Constitution in.

~The Dad