New Rule: Philadelphia Eagles, week 12

Neither Reid or Morningwing are allowed to even consider a run play on a third down conversion within 40 yards of the opposing endzone. This applies twice as much if it is 4th down territory. The rare exception will be a designed McNabb keeper once every other game.

I am a huge fan of Reid and hope he stays on for many more years. When they picked up Morningwing after his *ahem* time in Detroit I was less then enthused. I was disabused of that notion rather quickly his first season. He was a worthy addition.

From failing to convert on a goaline series to needing that all important first down to keep the final drive alive the running game has been a heartbreaker.

Westbrook is manning up and playing with a rib injury that is on the mend. He is not playing well enough to take the game on his shoulders and deliver until he heals a bit more. The man is human. One hell of a football player that I believe is a future Hall of Famer but he is still human and doing his best. You can't ask him for any more.

McNabb has been remarkable this season. His offensive weapons in the passing game are the best he has had overall in his tenure. Yes during that period that should not be mentioned he had better but not overall.

Rookie Jackson is the best receiver so far this year and has the potential to FINALLY be that number one receiver McNabb has never had. Well, get the picture.

It is our damn run game. We have two tight ends that are solid between L.J. Smith and Celek. I am respect Smith but do not rank him as high as everyone else seems to. Westbrook is just Westbrook . WIthout him we wouldn't have had any of the success we have had.

The problem I have been ranting about for years is the lack of a north/south running back. I was excited when they picked up Hunt in the draft finally pulling in a powerback.

Even though he has shown he won't be the player I had hoped for his selection gives me hope. It seems the front office realizes their is a need at that position. I just hope they ratchet up that belief and pick one in the first round.

Having two first round draft picks this year with one coming in from Carolina I think they should trade up and pick the best available. A power back to spell Westbrook and jam the ball smash mouth style for short yardage is the teams biggest need. There is no excuse not to fill it.

It was a good game that was frustrating to watch. The Boys in Blue played like the reigning champs they are and earned the W. There is no excuses for our loss and no complaints about their game or any officiating.

We had been weighed, we had been measured, and we have been found wanting. The only response is to stand back up, brush it off and prepare next Sunday night in Cincy.

~The Dad