Where are the blogs?!?!

I know I have promised some of you blogs covering the trip t DO and how I surprised everyone with my dramatic weight loss. I've even told some of you my plans to post about the weight loss experience. This is just to let you know I haven't forgotten and I still plan on it.

Between leaving DO to head back to some more time at my in-laws, the drive home and having a friend stay over for a week I haven't gotten back into the swing of things. Unfortunately the family friend went back home today and come Monday morning it's back to the same old.

My schedule has been slightly tweaked but nothing major. I just need to catch up on a slew of things. House work, yard work with the warmer weather popping up more and more and still get the exercise in there.

It's heady stuff getting used to the new phase I'm in with my weight. I'm trying to find the sweet spot between eating enough to maintain without gaining weight back OR losing too more weight. Yeah, that's the weird part. It all depends on how much I do.

Having to increase my caloric intake to match my daily expenditure instead of working on the deficit I did for so long feels so alien.

Anyway I haven't forgotten and I will be making the blogs. For DO 2009 I'm planning on blogging each day of the con as I remember it. I'm sure the others there will happily chime in and fix my geriatric memory when I slip up.

~The Dad