One hundred pushup challenge, with a twist

When I was losing all the weight I would set crazy hard goals and I hit every one of the. I am very competitive by nature and to compete against not only a goal but myself was a great motivator. I have a new one. I've decided to take up the One Hundred Pushup Challenge
with my own twist on it.

When I took the initial test to assess what level of fitness I was at to find out which work outs to use I qualified for the 4th rank. I hadn't hit my max but I could feel I only had a few left in me. Not enough to put me over the top.

I like to play around with my daughter by having her on my back when I do pushups so I tried to see how I would assess with her on my back. I was solidly in the 2nd rank. I decided that was how I wanted to pursue this.

Tonight I began the challenge with Day 1 in the third column performing the push ups with my daughter on my back. With roughly a minute in between sets I did 15, 10, 12, , 7, 12.

The first two sets Maggie was a too low on my back and I can feel it in my lower back slightly. Thankfully lesson learned early before I did a number on myself.

I am planning on posting every Mon, Wed, Fri to track how I do and my progress. I plan on sticking with column three unless I think it could become an injury and then I would drop to column two. Of course if I can't finish a week I'll just repeat it as the program suggests but my goal is to do the 100 with my daughter on my back.

Why I do this to myself I'll never know but damn is it fun.

~The Dad