Even more disgusting (you are warned)

Today I was able to keep my food down and was grateful. I had been wanting Chinese so I had some Hot & Spicy Beef for dinner. It tasted a bit bland. I chalked that up to my taste buds being a bit off with all the sick happening.

I'm watching some TV in the living room around a half hour later and start coughing. It kept going. I fought off the urge to purge and life was good. Watch some more TV. The cough comes back. Worse. Realizing this is not going to end well I jump up.

Earlier today I had found out the new anti-biotic I am on is so strong it doubles as a colon cleanser.

*waits for those still reading to do the math and cringe*

So as I jump up I realize I am about to put in a double shift at the old porcelain factory. Realizing the potential for a massive toxic spill I grab the Chinese food bag. You know the white bag with a brown paper bag inside it. I had used it to toss my meal refuse into. I'm glad I had some foresight.

Long story short I am sitting on the home throne proving it is possible operate both ends at maximum setting simultaneously.

Luckily I had rescued the fortune cookies from the bag earlier.

~The Dad