I've got wood

Yesterday I spent the day and some of the evening removing all objects from the computer room and the living room. Dismantling the computer set up is always fun.

*rolls eyes*

The tore out the carpet today and started refinishing the hardwood floors underneath. It's going to be cool when it's finished. If my bro or sis in-law read this do not tell the 'rents. We want to surprise them for their upcoming visit.

The sander started and the MNA was not thrilled. I held her so she could watch but she wanted out. So I put her on the stairs and she went up too my room to hide. She is chill with it now.

We picked up Moms and went out to grab lunch. Hit a sandwich shop. Good eats as usual.

I'll post pics of the progress from the work in progress. Been taking pics off and on.

~The Dad