Ramblings after the first Sunday of the new NFL season.


After watching both the Eagles and Cowboys games yesterday I am looking forward to with excitement and a bit leery at the same time of the game next Monday night at Knapps. Yes both of us played lesser teams but as last years Super Bowl showed us yet again, you don't know until the game is played. I hope it lives up to the potential.

Things of note to watch for:

This is the final Eagles @ Cowboys at Texas Stadium and is the home opener for Dallas. This gives both teams added incentive as if they needed anymore to begin with.

How will DeSean Jackson be used? When Dallas watches game film and adjusts for him I believe they will put a physical corner on him that will jam him hard off the line. How he handles this will be a big piece to show if the rook is for real.

Marion Barbar lost some respect from me. He bruised his ribs and left the game. The long shadow of Emmit Smith right now looms largely over this kid. He needs to buck up, strap on the protective vest and play ball.

If Barbar malingers I wouldn't lose too much sleep if I was Big D. The newbie Felix Jones was mighty impressive yesterday. Like DeSean Jackson it will be interesting to see how he plays when defenses have a week to prepare for him.

TONY HUNT! In the red zone on short yardage he was played to punch it through. A powerback to ram it home, I almost fainted with joy. Yes even I could have walked that touchdown in with the huge hole Klecko made for Hunt but the fact they used the big back for short yardage in the red zone made me giddy.

Weekly leaders for rushing, receiving and scoring does not have any Eagles or Cowboys in the top 5. For passing yards they have the top spot and the third with McNabb and Romo in that order.

Both teams can bring the fireworks on offense right now. They also have very good defenses based on yesterdays game. Conventional wisdom holds it takes defenses longer to gel then offenses in the beginning of the season. This game could be a crazy high final score. Even though I watched how well the two defenses played yesterday I would seriously consider the over in this game.

I doubt it will be much of a factor but something to keep an eye on is Romo's chin. He was one hurting mother fucker after he took a sack. They might go with a different helmet strap or chin cup this week. I don't remember if Romo has had to man up in the past and do with a big injury or not. Either way he could be a solid hit away from screwing that shit up. Not a big factor to worry about but something to look for is all I am saying.

Before anyone says anything about that hit it was legit. I watched the replay last night on a few times. The tackler went grill to grill with Romo and he head was up. It was not a spear as I have heard said. I had to confirm after I heard that and it was a clean hit.

Other notes:

Favre won yesterday. The pressure on Rodgers just got ratcheted up a notch. You know the media will jump on his shit if he loses the opener. More so for Rodgers and the front office for Favre being sent packing.

Will someone explain to me what happened to Indy? I watched that shit. Dungy had some horrible calls like running it on 4th down way earlier then it was required. He of course failed and turned it over making him look the goat. For a guy who usually looks the hero I was surprised.

Hester got caught with looking the fool and I enjoyed it I have nothing against the guy. Anytime any player tries to be tricky and fails this bad I laugh.

He caught the ball in the end zone and didn't take a knee. Legally the ball is in play until he takes a knee or is tackled. The refs didn't blow the whistle while Hester acted like the play was over hoping to catch the Colts special teams off guard. Bullit didn't let up for one heartbeat and took Hester down making him look the punk on the 1-2 yard line.

Hester has used this trick once before. The Colts stole the momentum from a surging Chicago after this play. They received field position around the 47 yard line from the back of the end zone punt from the proceeding 3 and out for Chicago and then Indy took it in for the TD.

To say Dungy was unhappy with Hester's decision is like saying the Pats are only unhappy with the loss of Brady. Needless to say Hester's ego is most likely getting it's ass kicked in the film room and on the practice field this week.

AFC East has Jets opening with a as Favre is their QB, the Pats lost Brady and their season is in dire straights and after yesterday's powerful performance Buffalo has a brighter future then the Pats right now. If you had told me any of these facts at the end of last season I would have thought you were smoking crack.

NFC East had 3 wins and 1 loss. That stat is deceiving since Skins and Giants played each other mostly guaranteeing a loss in the NFC. Before anyone says it was a certain loss for them playing each other remember this is the regular season and ties do happen. The only other conference with that stat is the AFC South.

The ruling committee when setting the criteria for what makes a completion removed the "make a football like move" garbage. I never understood that one. It was just too ambiguous to be useful.

They also removed the ruling a reception was good if the ball was caught on the sidelines but the receiver was pushed out by the defense when he had space to plant both feet inbounds prior to being pushed out. I still call bullshit. All this does is encourage corners/safeties to tee off on exposed receivers using the sideline to their advan...

Then again it might not be that bad after all. With the way they coddle QBs throwing this bone to the defense makes a little more sense to me now.

TO got busted for excessive celebration which made me think. I normally am not a fan of excessive celebrations. Many call it the No Fun League because of these rules. Ever since the Emmit Smith rule of not allowing a scorer to celebrate by ripping off their helmet and showing their big head with the "look at me I'm so pretty" routine they have continued to make the rules stricter.

I personally think excessive celebrations are poor sportsmanship. The worst offenders are the ones planned in advance. Not being able to pull off your helmet to show off how proud you are of what you just did or not being able to spike the ball is overkill. The league needs to find the middle ground. The current way is not cutting it.

~The Dad