I feel I have turned the corner. I made it through the day without any cough meds. I'm still going to take them this evening. The coughing fits are worse in the evening and laying down to sleep is annoying.

I finished A Spell for Chameleon today, the first Xanth book. It was as cool as I remembered. Piers Anthony rocks just as hard today as he did in Middle School.

The MNA did great on her sticker potty chart. Except for one setback where she half pooped in her trainers and half pooped in the bowl she was spot on today. I'm proud of her. Here's hoping this method does the trick.

I was telling my wife about my visit to the E/N/T Doc the other day and she thought it was worthy of blogging. I also found out yesterday she reads my blog. She asked me if that was a problem. I responded,"Nope, if you get offended it's your problem." I know how incredibly callous this sounds but she gets me. She knows this is my place to soapbox and if it bugs her she can always change the channel and not watch the show.

So, my appointment with the E/N/T went like t his. I was coughing up a lung or three or in the waiting room. They had me fill out all the forms. He was not part of my health care system so I had to fill out additional forms and it was my first time there, yada yada. After a bit in this small closet sized waiting room they call me in.

The wait wasn't too long for the Doc once I was in the exam room. The room was similar to an eye Doc's exam room just no huge overhead mask contraption. He walks in and does the usual jocular how you doing here is the canned open quip to put no one at ease. He was cast in the mold of a 90's sitcom dad. Cross between Alan Thicke (Growing Pains) and Richard Mulligan (Empty Nest).

He grabs one of those dental mirrors but longer and a gauze pad. He takes the gauze pad and has me extend my tongue. He grips my tongue using the gauze for traction. While holding my tongue outside of my mouth he pushes the mirror halfway down my throat and then says,"OK, make a high pitched elongated E sound."

I do my best. He then says,"No, more like eeeeeeeeee". So there I am with my tongue being held, a metal rod halfway down my throat and this Dr. is just making shit up at this point. You know he is just waiting to go back to the Dr. break room and tell the story how he got the fat gullible guy to squeal like a pig as he held his tongue.

Weirdness of the visit aside he seems to have found the cure. I'm doing better and plan on heading back out to the Gym this week. Before this crap started I was going daily. I have to get back into the swing of things. I have my trainer on Tue/Thur. I am guessing I will get 3-4 days in this week and see how I feel before I get back to my 7 days.

I'm hoping within 2 weeks I can get back into the heavy cardio workouts daily. I'm sure this absence from the gym from being sick has done nothing but set me back on my weight and caliper/measuring tape stats. I will just use that for fuel. I knew I had dropped 20 lbs by the time I was sick. I know I can get back to that and much more.

That or I will save time and have my fatty funereal at a Cinnabon so they can just box me up where I go down.

~The Dad