I'm allergic to New Jersey

As previously covered in TMI detail I had pneumonia that gave me a cough that wouldn't go away. Even after all the other symptoms where gone back in April. I had it before my trip out east and after until I finally lucked out with a good Dr. who sent me to a specialist.

The specialist (ears, nose, throat) spent 30 seconds checking me out and diagnosed me with a minor cause of acid reflux. So instead of my throat healing after being sick it was not able to do it's job.

I flew out to NJ on Sep 12 and flew back home Sep 18th. Wouldn't you know it about a week to a week and a half prior I came down with bronchitis. I immediately put the Prilosec back in action. This time it is not working and I am coughing as hard as last time.

Both times it was right before a trip to NJ...

Luckily for me we decided after an trip next year to my in-laws we will not be going out east for our next vacation. We are planning to budget in and save up for a family trip to destinations like The Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore. Something cool to check out. A vacation without family involved.

Oh to dream...

~The Dad