Yikes and away

Took three days off from the gym. Shit was hurting too much. Went back in today and finally got my stride back. Did 1,085 calories in one hour. I had to start cool down a few minutes early since I was so far ahead of the 1K pace. Damn that feels good to hit that mark again. Now to get back to hitting it consistently.

My rat bastich friend Tarn insidiously planted the seed in my mind while visiting her and her family to start back with an MMORPG. This MMO is a spin off of one I used to play City of Heroes (CoH). This one is City of Vilians (CoV). You play a bad guy with super powers who goes around doing bad things like robbing banks.

I loved playing CoH as the good guy. It's wicked cool (that was for you Tarn) to be the e-vile SOB.

~The Dad