Never go back

It was no secret my feelings towards McNabb. The end of last season I wanted to trade him to Chicago for their tight end and a draft pick.

Then I heard a sports radio show pointing out how Philly fans are the only ones against him. How so many teams who would kill for a QB would take him and not winning it all any day.

I thought about how he did a lot for us and was worth giving a second chance as a fan. I did that this year and my initial gut response was right.

I do not want Donovan McNabb to be a Philadelphia Eagle next season.

I'll repeat that so no one can say I was not clear enough.

I do not want Donovan McNabb to be a Philadelphia Eagle next season.

I have no animus towards him. I no longer believe he will ever deliver Philly to a ring. He deserves the opportunity to try elsewhere just like we deserve the opportunity to find someone who can.

He has no right to use that benching 5 games ago as an excuse to leave town. If he wants to use any of the other off field issues he has had or caused over the years that's one thing.

Complaining about being benched in football when you play horribly is immature. By the time you make the High School team you know it's an established fact of life.

Notice how well he played the next 3 games when he realized his ass was on the line. His improved play proved it was a good move regardless of his opinion about it.

No I do not have grandiose ideas about Kolb jumping in and being great. He at best will play like a rookie with rookie mistakes.

McNabb can be brilliant. Can being the operative word here. He has the lowest interception percentage ever. This is because he either hits his target or more likely puts it 3 feet in front of the target out of reach. He passes to toes not hands.

Every year we see him have ups and downs and at the end of the season he makes us giddy. Then he does his same bullshit. Yes he gave us winnings seasons and I am proud to say he was an Eagle.

I wish him well, just not as an Eagle.

I stopped my dreaming
I don't want to go back
I started looking closer
and I know what it's become
I wish I could learn
to never go back

~Dag Nasty