So much for the after glow

I will post later about the amazement that was last night. Right now I am pissed. The old adage for ever one stop forward you take two steps back hit home this afternoon.

Last night we took a major step in the continuing battle for equality in this country. At the same time Arizona and Florida supported state constitutional amendments to ban same sex marriage.

Then there is as Paul Harvey would say."The rest of the story".

Arizona and Florida passed constitutional amendments recognizing marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Outright making it illegal for gays and lesbians to marry.

Even if they can pull a civil union deal for themselves out of this it's still the same garbage from our past. Separate but equal. Blacks had to use their own bathrooms, had segregated schools, had to sit in the back of the bus. Gays in this country are now being relegated to such legal intolerance that has not been seen since.

Current projections has Arkansas with fifty seven percent support to prohibit unmarried sexual partners from adopting. This applies to same and opposite sex couples.

This is another thinly veiled attack on gay rights since gays can not marry in that state. Straights can marry and adopt, gays and lesbians do not have that option.

This one hit close to home for me since my wife and I adopted our kick ass daughter. These wonderful kids need a home with love. That is not a hard concept to understand and you can not logically explain that wouldn't happen with two mommies.

Considering the amount of abused children, children of divorce (currently a hetero issue), children born to crack mothers, etc out there right now to deny them a supportive, loving home of parents wanting to do such that is a travesty.

By their theory single parents who lost a spouse to death or divorce are not fit to be parents either. They just shy away from that angle.

How we can come together and advance our society by elevating a black man to become President Elect and at the same time relegate other human beings to second class status is incomprehensible. Intolerance by law is still intolerance. Just by putting it in the books does not make it any less ignorant.

With that off my chest I feel a bit better. Looking forward to my post of the magic that was Election Night 2008.

~The Dad