The verdict is in and I should be back up to full power in about two weeks. The E/N/T specialist I saw today had it figured out in about 10 minutes. Seems I have all the classic signs of Silent Reflux. This is the first time any expert has accused me of anything silent.

I have a very minor case and normally this will not be an issue. It is only an issue because I had been recently sick and tore up my throat at the time with heavy coughing.

This is how it breaks down. When I had pneumonia all the hacking ripped up my esophagus. Normally this heals when you get past the pneumonia/cold/flu. My body instead kept spraying stomach acid on top of these minor esophageal wounds not allowing them to heal. This in turn messed up my throat more which kept being sprayed down with acid. Rinse/repeat.

So basically he gave me more of the happy codeine juice and put me on Prilosec. The Prilosec will put the reflux in check allowing my throat to heal normally. In about two weeks I should be back to normal.

This rocks. A Doc with an answer and a timeline to work with. Two weeks is easy to handle knowing the finish line is at the end.

~The Dad