Official stats and new royalty

Long story short. After 5 weeks of being sick and being sedentary for most of it I put 4.8lbs back on. I am still down 16.2 lbs overall. I know I can get back on track with some hard work. I'm rather surprised my stats had minimal changes if any. One even improved. Go figure.

I was pulling out of a parking lot with the Mrs and MNA. There is a little girl I'm guessing was 4 years old. She had a frilly dress on with patent leather boots with straps for effect. Mrs and I laughed and thought it was cool.

I said the MNA should take notes. I then told her she was a kick butt princess. She laughed and repeated it.

I asked her,"Who is a kick butt princess?"

She replied,"ME!"

I asked her who else was a kick butt princess?"

She replied,"Moms"

Then she reflected briefly and said,"Daddy you are a butt princess."

She's three years old. I'm screwed when she is a teenager.

~The Dad