Sweating as an oldie

Hit the gym again. 1,000 calories spent per hour is 16.6 calories spent per minute. That was my minimum daily workout on the elliptical before I got sick.

Yesterday's first day back was just under 16 minutes for a paltry 12.5 calories per minute. Todays was 20 minutes for 16.85 calories spent per minute which is the pace I want. Now I need to keep that up while working on increasing my endurance back up to an hour.

I said I put back on 5 of the 21 lost yesterday. Today showed it was 7. Tomorrow is my official weigh in. Whatever that weigh in shows goes in the spread sheet I use to track and is gospel. Yes, I just laughed at my fatty stats being recorded on my "spread" sheet.

My trainer (he beats on me twice a week) breaks out the tape measure and calipers along with standing on the scale at least once a month. The last time I did that was a day or two before I was sidelined. Going to be ugly to see how much I backslid tomorrow morning.

I was all set to break out a post on Reverend Jeremiah Wright today but lost the mojo. I know what I want to write, I just need to get my mojo back on the topic to write it up for blog.

Goddamn it, one of my Boxers just fouled the air in the room. I'm guessing it's deaf girl. Yes she really is deaf. She also has been dropping ass all night so she is guilty as far as I'm concerned. At this point I'm ready to take one of the menthol cough drops from the cup on my desk and play enema with it in hopes my eyes stop watering.

Hrm....old man locker room -v- Boxer ass. My sinuses are going on strike comparing the two. Add crappy diaper stench and you are in my world. You'd be grumpy too.

~The Dad