Subtract Pi

(Picture taken by the MNA)

Pi was our youngest. He was a year and a half old. He was the MNA's best buddy and they hung out with each other and played. He would sleep in her crib at times

After talking with our vet it was decided putting him on a sedative while we were gone was going to be needed. We started him a week early to keep an eye out for side effects and if it was the right dosage for him. We have a tight relationship with our Vets office. We have 4 pets and had to put down Shmi (cat) in 2006 and they have been fantastic.

Pi started on the meds and was uber stoned. I held him a foot off the ground with his feet facing the ground and let him go so he could walk away from me when I moved him off my lap and he would fall over, missing his feet. He slid down the stairs, etc. The first night I expected such so it was goofy but not outrageous. He hadn't gotten hammered before so this was new.

After two days it didn't let up. The wife and I talked and decided to cut the dose in half. We were given an acceptable range by our Vet to find what worked for Pi and this was legit. It didn't do enough. So the recommend dose was too strong. Half of that was too little. We went and tried a 3/4 dose. He was ok the first night, he then would just sit there and do nothing. He was normally an energetic cat.

We had some worries but he needed time to get used the meds. Considering he hadn't been stoned before it seemed he had a huge learning curve so we kept an eye on him and let him work it out. On the second day of this 3/4 dose he was no longer eating and was lethargic.

First thing this morning I was on the phone with the Vet, they said bring him in and drop him off. A few hours later I get the call. He was in severe liver failure. His blood test was off the charts. They diluted it down to 25% and it was still off the charts. The Vet we worked with today (we use all three there and they are great) was completed stymied. She checked with other vets, online, her resource books, etc. There was no mention by anyone of a case of a cat having this reaction to the med. There was a similar response with a drug that was a cousin to the one we used but the odds of such a reaction are almost unheard of. They had used this drug for years with no issues and none of the vets there had heard of such a thing.

At 7pm arrived at the Vet office, hung out in the suckstobeheremakesmalltalkandactlikeyouarenotcrying room. Pi arrived to sit with us for a bit. One look at him, the way he was breathing, the way he was meowing, the way he just was, it was time. Anything else would have been cruel. His quality of life was gone.

~The Dad