Last night on the road

I've been on the road for the past two weeks. Will be arriving at my humble abode tomorrow. Visited my family in NJ, watched my bro in-law get hitched. The wife and MNA went down to her 'rents house ahead of me so I could drive up to Main to see a friend then over to Schenectady, NY to see another. Then I was off to the in laws.

My in-laws are conservative, Catholic, Mid-Western salt of the earth folk who like things to be done a certain way. I'm a grumpy asshole who contrary to popular opinion can be, shall we say hard to get along with on occasion. This was a good visit. Easily our best. My Mrs. is ecstatic it went so well. Hell, I'm thinking the next visit just might be fun too...

I have a metric butt load of stories from the trip. Still setting up the laptop to do my blogging on. By sometime next week I plan on doing my blogging from the laptop and just transferring the files over to the main rig as back up. This way in the future I'm good to go ASAP and it's one less thing to worry about before trips. That and I can use it locally too, say stuck in the service department during the auto checkup.

I\'m aware the header graphic is currently MIA. That will be fixed when I am back home and got some time. I only have it set up on the main system and not this one. Didn\'t realize until on the road.

I busted my ass at the Gym starting back in December. Trainer two days a week and worked my fat butt up to going the other 5 days on my own. Lost twenty pounds. Was sick with a nasty cough (codeine cough meds anyone?) and couldn't work out a week before leaving. Then the two weeks on this current excursion. I feel like I found them back. Darn it, now I know my sweet spot for burning calories daily and eating right at home. You know: eat less, move more. I will drop it and more. That or stroke out on the elliptical so some stretcher jockey gets a hernia lifting my carcass to the ambulance.

OK, enough rambling for now. I plan on posting about all that happened on the trip as I feel in the groove to write it up. I'll try to keep it in semi-order but I will most likely fail.


~The Dad