Iron Man gets a gauntleted thumbs up


It's about damn time. Don't get me wrong. I grew up a HUGE Spider-Man fan. I love the X-men. I'm a Marvel fan through and through. But Iron Man, this movie put the Super back in Super Hero.

None of this pussy emo Peter Parker crap. None of the annoying love triangles with Wolvering/Cyclops/Jean Grey. None of this horny teen that can't do more then dry hump with Rogue. No, this time we have a fuck you very much man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to do it.

Sure there is the love interest with Stark and and Pepper Pots. It is just that. They know it, they flirt about it, there is no ZOMG we can/can't/can/can't/can bullshit love story. It's there and it's in the flirtation stage. They damn well know how important they are to each other and are being given time to play out and not just be a fast plot device to tug on your heart strings.

It was refreshing to see a guy do it his way and be the hero. Sure he started off the womanizer, rich bitch playboy. They did that to show his immaturity. Once he had his epiphany he dropped that and manned up. That and Paltrow in a backless dress is top shelf.

I'm looking forward to the sequel(s). I only hope they keep each movie self contained. None of this bullshit like PoTC where the first movie was one story then the next two where drawn out cross-overs. There will still be character development and such from movie to movie but they need one main plot that starts and ends with each episode.

One thing I really enjoyed was the armor itself. There was no art director who tried to re-make iit in his own artsy-fartsy way that made baby Budda cry because it resembled nothing of the original. . They didn't try to over think it and make it futuristic. They did it right and it kicked ass. Major props to those involved in the process from concept to implementation.

There were a few sections that made me want to pull my hair out (if I had any after my buzz cuts) for example like him sitting on the unsecured wheel chair in the back of the cargo plane. That fucker would have been a ping-pong ball on tumble dry.

There was also a moment I flipped out. In the beginning when the show him working in his lab to some music right before Pepper enters the room and he tells her to not turn his music down I went nuts. During the 80s punk had morphed into a a different style of punk. Back when you could still call it punk music. The song Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies is one of the best examples of the style.

~The Dad