Milk chocolate Bacon fudge and a vow against PETA

The Mrs, the MNA and myself went out to my favorite restaurant for an early dinner this evening. When we arrived they were still printing out the menus. The regular menus were no good since they were putting out a special spread for New Years Eve.

My wife knowing how I follow the grease stained pages of the The Holy Book of Bacon quickly drew my attention to the top of the dessert section.


Then while perusing the back page I found the smokey delight of the third salad listed.


I had already planned on getting the NY Strip Steak. The best steak in town and keeps me coming back. I was not going to eat a full salad along with soup and the steak. I ordered the smaller sized house salad with that enticing swine based dressing.

When it arrived there was no doubting the Baconie goodness. They started with a pile of sliced and diced fried Bacon and with herbs, oil and balsamic vinegar added over the pieces of perfection they constructed a salad dressing good enough to excuse the eating of vegetables.

Then it was time for the dessert to arrive. The description shown above did not do it justice. The sugar cookie was not a vanilla sugar cookie but a Bacon sugar cookie. My guess instead of using butter or shortening they used Bacon grease.

The three cookies ringed together had their crunchy side connected while topped with milk chocolate Bacon fudge. You read that correctly. Let me glory in again saying it. Milk chocolate Bacon fudge. Coated with more sliced and diced bacon.

Drizzled on top and over the plate dark chocolate syrup infused with the essence of Bacon and a white chocolate syrup. The only negative was the lack of Bacon in the white chocolate.

I knew word of this other white meat gifted ecstasy must be shown to the world. Smuggling out a menu was imperative. The totalitarian vegetarians and the PETA secret police can be anywhere at anytime, exercising caution was a must.

At this point I request a moment of silence for Wilbur Porkberg. As a devout Jew he was above suspicion or so we thought. As a true believer in the power of the mighty pig from the secret teachings of his non-practicing uncle he had never tasted the truth. He still had served the cause. He is a hero and will always be remembered.

Let it be known now by one and all for there will be no doubt. PETA I will extract my pound of flesh!

Now that the truth about milk chocolate Bacon fudge is out let your voices be heard. If you can not find a chef who can deliver form clandestine classes and learn from each other. If you don't know how, experiment.

Trust me on this one. The taste is worth it.

My need to possess you has consumed my soul
My life is trembling, I have no control

I will have you, yes I will have you
I will find a way and I will have you