Caught up and moving on

I was doing great at the gym. I dropped 20 lbs and was attending near every day. Then back in April I became sick for weeks on end. I finally got better and began going back to the gym. This lasted until they were closed for about a week for flooding. Tried again to go back and get into the groove. Then they flooded so bad they were closed for a month.

During this time I was riding my bycicle for excercise and did ok. The gym opened again and finally I am back in the zone. I have gone every day for the past 9 days. The days without personal training I ride my bike there, do cardio and some weightlifting on certain days.

I am finally caught up. I am ahead of my best weight back in April. I have caught up and moved past to be a bit over 20 lbs down. This bodes well because I am hitting the gym hard (twice yesterday, morning/afternoon) and started keeping a food journal and counting calories.

It requires more energy for a fats ass to move across the room then a person in shape. We have more mass and need more energy to move it. This is good but our metabolism turns food to fat faster then a healthy person.

I track the calories eaten and burned for exercising. I have been keeping my consumed calories between 1500-1800. I am feeling the difference. If I can keep those two sets of numbers within range of each other I'm good to go for the day. You burn calories just for breathing and doing your normal daytime routine. Between exercise calories and regular routine calories I have been burning more calories then consuming them.

Studies show the only proven long term method of losing weight and keeping it off is to regulate your diet and exercise daily. No fad diets, no starving yourself, no special dietary supplements bought at 3 a.m. from an infomercial.

Yesterday was the first day I burned more calories straight up then consumed. This is not a realistic (nore safe) goal for every day. It should only happen twice a week at the most. When I have personal training mornings mixed with extra cardio after. Then when I bike back for more cardio in the evening.

I'm posting this as a way to help spur myself along and not for any "at a boys". Don't bother leaving any comments. They wont go through.

Twenty plus lbs down. Way too damn many to go.