Judging McNabb

After listening to ESPN Radio on the way to the airport Wednesday (as I was driving by the Linc) I heard the national host comparing how everyone thinks of McNabb who are and are not Eagles fans. The only people who slammed McNabb are the Philly fans and other teams fans wished they had such talent and opportunity.

Made me think, yeah sure, he's doing good now but when he blows the season would the ESPN host still defend him and say the Eagle fans are fickle and overly picky?

My biggest hits on McNabb are his mouth (Comparing himself to Brady and Peyton as equals when they had one one and he hadn't along with some of his comments about fans dissing him based on race) and his injuries.

Yes he has delivered like a trooper with broken ankle, sports hernia, etc. He is magical when healthy...when healthy.

He doesn't choke like Romo but he doesn't always deliver either. Case in point the Super Bowl. Final drive, the game is a TD from the big win and he pukes on the field and is not as sharp as he should be.

I just finished reading (and why I am writing this) this. Am I expecting too much? Do I blame him more then is his share being a team sport? Are my convictions wavering since he is finally looking great again?

Last season ended and I wanted to trade him to Da Bears since he is a hometown guy there and they really need a QB. With a good QB they can win it all. I figured if we traded him now before he broke down again he would still have value. There is a mighty sweet young tight end in Chicago, add him to a draft pick and it would have been worthy.

Now I'm wondering if I'm being overly critical or need to adjust my view with a reality check. Not having to have won an NFL championship is so long (way before I was even born) could do that to your viewpoint.

Keep in mind he is only 1-1 this year and not 2-0. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon, he just had a loss that was caused by many mistakes on the team. One of the most glaring was his botched hand off to Westbrook. The botching being by McNabb.

Still, Is it right to blame it all on him or should I stick to last seasons opinion to trade him while he works, pick up a vet QB Reid sees potential in to work with as he grows his rookie.

Tough quandary, going to have to think on this one.

~The Dad