I'm not liking the new iPod Shuffle design

Taking the controls off the unit to make it smaller was a big mistake. Anyone who wears any MP3 player during exercise knows adding weight to a cord makes it fall out when you sweat and are moving around constantly.

Tack on the fact it costs an additional $80 for the inside the ear headset that has the controls on it is ridiculous.

Double the flash memory

Multiple play lists

Moving controls to headset cord has proven track record of failing in the gym for the active and sweaty. This has been shown with in-line volume controls or sound dampening controls.

Color options are light and dark gray.

No good without buying special headset. Anyone who wants inside the ear or over the ear have to pay much more since they will need to buy headphones that charge extra for the controls and can't just pick up any generic headset.

Not being able to find your gray mp3 player that is smaller then a key will cause no end of grief for those of us who can't even keep track of our wallet or key rings. Adding vivid colors to choose from to find the unit when you put it down is a cheap and easy fix.

I'm afraid the negatives outweigh the positives too much. I run and/or do an hour on the elliptical daily and have a hard time with headsets staying in. I've worked my way through many brands and designs.

Both of these are design flaws that I am surprised the Apple engineers missed.

~The Dad