There is no crying in base...politics

After a week of tremendously hurting his image with gaffes, going off halfcocked, backtracking on recent statements and showing ignorance on how things he was commented on actually work he pulls the time out card.

Besides attempting to take the momentum of the negativity off his plate he saves money he has so little of in comparison to Obama.

This is a great move but there are calls of desperation on this move. As much as I think a time out is so very sad I will admit it is a big shot gamble that if it does nothing will give him free press and helps change the economy topic he keeps messing up for a brief time period.

The point of Obama that this is exactly the time to debate to show the people how each would handle it is of course Obama capitalizing on the McCain screwups on the topic is supported by a fact from the article that I give weight too.

"Historians noted that the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II didn't prompt suspensions of presidential campaigns."

Update: "Obama Campaign Release on Debate Day History"