Something to pond-er

First day of spring and we were out in the yard working on the pond. Removing the excessive dead vegetation from last year's record rain fall. Digging through the much and mire to yank out roots. Going to be at this all summer.

Also have to shore up the walls of the side of the driveway over the pond. Lost some due to erosion and I need to stop that fast.

~The Dad

Such a tool

With the sale of our previous home i have control of a tool budget. It is to cover tools, materials for all projects and if someone has to come and do work on the house. The last part as incentive for me to do the job myself and save the money for other things i.e. tools.

Today i am heading out to two local equipment shops that sell/service power tools, lawn mowers, tractors, etc. I am buying a chain saw and right now it comes down to either buying a Husqvarna (nicknamed Husk) or Stihl (pronounced Steel). I believe you get what you pay for and you do not save any money buying cheap tools. You want a quality job you buy quality tools. The tools last longer and are safer when they are reliable and made correctly.

When it comes to hand tools I only buy Craftsman and when it comes to power tools I buy Rigid. They are high quality tools backed by lifelong warranties that are worth every penny.

I have been catching up on the tool fund reserves lately with some purchases and I am giddy. Shop vac, circular saw, tool chest. After the chain saw next on my list is lumber, air compressor and a brad nailer.

I am building heavy duty shelves in the pantry, some sort of wood shed/organizer for the firewood I chop down, a compost bin and a lean-to out near the end of the driveway for the MNA to wait for the bus in inclement weather. Something you see many of around here.

Did I mention the chain saw?

~The Dad

You have heard it all before

Going to try and post daily just to get in the habit of using my blog. Yeah, right.

Mom is fine, the radiation seems to have taken care of the cancer in her neck and her boob is responding well to treatment.

I have a ton of things to post over the last few months from my month in NJ to explosive family bullshit.

I have a tool budget for the first time and I love my new shop vac so much I want to take it out to dinner and a movie.

Next up on my list is a chain saw. I think I just drooled on my keyboard typing that sentence. Next up on my list is a chain saw. Yes, yes I did.

We have 2 acres and lots of downed trees to clean up. Also some that need to be taken down. Cut em down, chop em up and stack the wood for a year. Then I can heat my house for free in the winter.

Did I mention I am buying a chain saw?

~The Dad